Sing, Sing, Sing!

I’ve been singing since I was 3. Oh, that’s a long time ago. I love great music – all kinds. Well, rap is tough for me. I’ve always felt that rap is to music what etch-a-sketch is to art. But that’s only my opinion. Tonight – Jan. 4 – starts our annual winter concert season. Every Sunday night – with the exception of Super Bowl night, when we mourn the demise of the beloved Cleveland Browns – we have incredible concerts. Tonight, the Hoppers. Jan. 11 – the Booth Brothers. Jan. 18th – Ralph Carmichael and his big 16-piece band. Feb. 8 – Dino. Feb. 15 – Evie and Pelle Karllson. Feb. 22 – Gordon Mote. March 1 – Annie Moses Band. March 8 – the Collingsworth Family (two concerts – 3 and 7 p.m.) March 15 – Ernie Hasse and Signature Sound. March 22 – the Martins. All the concerts begin at 7 and the doors open at 6. All seats are free – we take offerings. Come join us! Thousands do!
Pastor Betzer


28 years ago this very week, Darlene, the childen and I packed up our home in Springfield, Missouri, and headed south. Right behind us in a U-Haul truck was our son David and his family. Our destination – Fort Myers, Florida, to begin a pastorate at First Assembly of God. Now here it is, almost three decades later, and Darlene and I are still here. I rejoice in that because pastoring this congregation is a privilege beyond compare. I have never met more loving, kind, considerate and faithful Christians than I have found at First Assembly. Now several building programs, $35 million given to world missions, and a whole lot of ecclesiastical water under the dam we’re still going by the grace of God. I thank God for this exquisite privilege which I pray will last longer as He gives me health. I thank Darlene for her faithful support to me… I thank the staff – the best one I could ever pray for – and a fabulous Church Council (board) who are so supportive. Now I start YEAR 29 with these saints of God. I praise the Lord in all things for He is so good!
Pastor Dan Betzer – written New Year’s Eve, 2014