The Human Right

Nothing is closer to God’s heart than reaching the lost of the world. Each year at this time, we make a faith promise (not a pledge), depending upon God’s supply to enable missionaries in their ministry globally. These funds are also used to build churches, Bible schools, and feeding stations, and to provide missionary family support and purchase other necessities to reach the lost. Over the years, this congregation has given millions of dollars for this divine purpose. If we give the SAME as we did last year, does that not mean we are content with the souls reached and need not reach more? If we give LESS, does that not mean we don’t want to reach as many as we did last year? But if, by faith, we commit MORE to missions than last year, is that not our prayer to God to reach even more human beings for Christ this next year than ever before? Can there be a greater investment? Proverbs 11:30, “…and he that winneth souls is wise.” The ultimate “human right” is to know Jesus!

– Pastor Dan Betzer