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Dan Betzer is the senior pastor at First Assembly of God in Fort Myers, Florida. A veteran of over 60 years in broadcasting media, he is a pastor, writer, television and radio host, district and national executive with the Assemblies of God, and is known for his ministry to children around the world. [read more...]

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God Has Given Us The Gift Of Reading
Pastor Dan Betzer | Comments Off

1 Thessalonians 5:27        I charge you by the Lord that this epistle be read unto all the holy brethren.

Did you ever stop to consider how blessed you are if you have the ability to read?  Books open up the universe to us.  What a gift!

For 47 years, the pastor of the historic First Baptist Church in Dallas was George W. Truett.  I have a number of his sermons in print, but my friends who are into church history tell me it was one thing to read his sermons, but quite another to hear them.  Some who actually heard him preach said that Truett was one of the most exciting preachers to hear but one of the most disappointing to read.  That being said, it should be reported that when Truett died in 1944, Dallas came to a standstill and no auditorium could hold the crowd wanting to attend the memorial service.

Truett was a man of books.  His home looked like a public library.  He had over 10,000 books on many subjects, despite the fact that he constantly gave books to other people.  He read quickly, and it is said that when he started a day’s journey by train he would take three or four books with him and finish them before he reached his destination.  He especially loved biographies.

For any person who is going to be a public speaker (or even an interesting conversationalist) and who plans to have fresh content on a constant basis, reading is mandatory.  Learn to read with speed and retention.  Many kids today are taught to read a syllable at a time despite the fact that the human brain is just as capable of absorbing a full sentence line at a time.

I am grateful for teachers who spent hours with me when I was a young student, teaching me grammar and encouraging me to read.  Reading has been the “open sesame” portal to me, as it is for anyone who will take the time to pick up a book and actually read it.

Prayer:  O God, You have equipped Your creation with so many abilities.  Forgive us when we do not expand our horizons of experiencing life.   Thank you for the gift of curiosity and the reading ability to satisfy it.  You are wonderful to us!  Amen.

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