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Dan Betzer is the senior pastor at First Assembly of God in Fort Myers, Florida. A veteran of over 60 years in broadcasting media, he is a pastor, writer, television and radio host, district and national executive with the Assemblies of God, and is known for his ministry to children around the world. [read more...]

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For many years now, First Assembly has used daily television as a part of our outreach ministry. When we first started, our equipment was quite primitive – a hand-held camcorder and release on public access TV. Then Bob D’Andrea, founder of the Christian Televison Network, brought our own Christian TV station to southwest Florida – WRXY. What an incredible blessing that has been to the cause of Christ in our region. We are on every day at least once (the station management often repeats our programs at other times) and CTN also releases our Sunday morning services, always seen on Saturday nights at 8 as “Celebration Under The Silverdome) on both DISH and DIRECT satellite all across America each Sunday evening at 6. Our programs include, “Help For Hurting Women,” with Pastor Connie Weisel, “The Lamp,” seen every morning at 8 (in which I teach the Word for 30 minutes), “First Edition,” seen every Thursday night at 8 and, of course, “Celebration Under The Silverdome” each Saturday night at 8 and repeated again on Sunday morning at 6. We know that untold thousands of Floridians, from Marco Island to Sarasota, watch these programs. This next week, we will be pre-empted on all these programs as CTN presents its semi-annual fund-raising shareathon. I encourage all our friends to catch at least one of these special nights – and to pray for CTN and to help support the network financially. Every church in SW Florida is enhanced by CTN. The Shareathon makes it possible for each church to purchase air time at a small fraction of what it would cost if CTN did not makes these special fund-raising weeks. I say God bless CTN, all its staff, and especially Bob D’Andrea for his vision and care. We are blessed by the TV ministry and outreach of CTN.

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